The Principle of Energy

Energy attracts attention.  Energy attracts followers.  The leader who demonstrates enthusiasm and energy will gain the acceptance and confidence of others.  Energy conveys the ideas of authority, of excitement, of success, and of purposeful activity.  The principle of energy says that a real leader must exude energy, “the vigorous exertion of power” and “the capacity of acting or being active.”

The leader’s energy is demonstrated through physical vitality.  Even though he or she may be older or have a physical handicap, the leader radiates good health and purposeful activity.  The leader’s energy is demonstrated through mental alertness.  He or she is not necessarily an intellectual giant, but he or she wil use their mind to its fullest for observation, foresight, and reflection and reasoning.  The leader’s energy is demonstrated through hard work.  Work is the most common expression of human energy and the leader will enjoy it and purse it.  The leader’s physical, intellectual, and emotional energy is demonstrated through commitment and perserverance as he or she believes in and works toward their goal against all odds.  A leader’s energy is demonstrated through attention to details because the little things will make or break you.

It is true that some people naturally possess more energy than others.  Nevertheless, it is possible to increase your energy level.  You can maximize your energy level by eating right, exercising regularly, maintaining a proper mental attitude, eliminating negative emotions, and by walking in fellowship with God.

Adapted from Lead On, by John Edmund Haggai

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