World AIDS Day Reflections

This morning I sit with a heart of gratitude and deep reflection about what this World AIDS Day acknowledgment means to me.
I have been courageously fighting this battle of living with an HIV diagnosis for 26 years. The years have brought me many ups and downs, but I acknowledge and recognize that the Creator has preserved me for such a time as this, and the years have mainly been up! I have been chosen to live my life as a living witness of what living courageously and mindfully is all about! I am honored to be used to bring awareness, education, and inspiration… to whosoever will attend their ear to hear the message! I give thanks to all of those who have asked, inquired and loved me throughout the years! I also give thanks to all those who have rejected me out of their own fears and ignorance, for it’s actually not me you’ve rejected, but the God in me! You have given me the courage to continue to fight against the ignorance and missed education around HIV/AIDS. I wish to acknowledge and give thanks to all those who have gone before me, paving the way for me to live, and I want to live a life that ensures your struggles and lives have not been in vain….we continue to fight this fight, to make sure the next generations can live an AIDS-Free life! To all my brothers and sisters, allies and unenlightened ones, open up your hearts to hear the truth about HIV/AIDS. I wish to also invite those who have not yet disclosed their status; may today be your coming out day! Somebody’s life may depend on you sharing your story….

Today I desire that you all Live Well, Love Well, Speak Well and Teach Well!

Be in joy, for we are changing the world, one life and speaking event at a time!

In Solidarity,
Penny DeNoble

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